Genre - Adult

  • Belle of the ball, Idol, Hostess and so forth. Ryougoku Atsushi, an undergrad with the ability to see the "Favor" in others, carries on with a comfortable life bolstered by lovely ladies. Be that as it may, at some point, a young lady calling herself his "beloved companion" shows up, wrecking his heaven. What's more, perhaps even his lifeā€¦ A group of concubines anticipation story, start!

  • Three days after his sister was no more, he at long last picked up the will to move. In the result of a troll assault, a solitary kid grieved his town, his family. After five years, he visited a city on the outskirts and turned into an explorer. It was five years sooner that the kid who had lost a place to call home was brought together with his cherished companion. In spite of being simply the most minimal Porcelain rank, the kid prepares himself and after that sets off alone for a refuge of trolls, denoting the start of the legend of Goblin Slayer.

    Goblin Slayer: Side Story Year One
  • A man was going to end it all and chooses to scan for an approach to kick the bucket in the web, yet then he found an odd webpage that posed a great deal of inquiries and had a point based framework that permits you to make aptitudes and capacities for a character. He checked out it and when he wrapped up his character he was asked "You will currently be moved to a world with the settings you pick, returning is absurd, do you despite everything acknowledge?" Then without having a favorable opinion of it he squeezed YES and ended up in a different universe with the aptitudes and capacities he decided to have.

    Isekai Meikyuu de Harem o
  • "Recuperating entertainers can't battle alone." Keare, who was limited by this basic information, was abused over and over by others. In any case, at some point, he saw what lay past recuperating enchantment, and was persuaded that a mending entertainer was the most grounded class. In any case, when he understood that potential, he was denied of everything. In this manner, he utilized recuperating enchantment on the world itself to return four years, choosing to re-try everything. This is a chivalrous story of one recuperating performer who turned into the most grounded by utilizing information from his previous existence and mending enchantment.

    Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi
  • Ryuuko Matoi is a young lady who goes with a solitary red scissor edge, scanning for the wielder of the other edge who executed her dad. She touches base at Honouji Academy, a secondary school that lives in fear. It is led over by the fearsome understudy chamber, drove by the understudy gathering president, Satsuki Kiryuuin, who utilize intense regalia to pound anybody in their way. Subsequent to torment a devastating annihilation because of Satsuki, Ryuuko comes accross a had school uniform named Senketsu, who puts himself on Ryuuko, conceding her unique capacities. Collaborating with Senketsu, Ryuuko resists Satsuki and the understudy committee to free Honnouji Academy from their iron hold and discover reality behind her dads murder.

    Kill la Kill
  • 17-year-old Ichirou Satou is a normal person who dependably happens to end up in a debased circumstance with his educator, Kana Kojima. Pursue this sexual love parody about their incidents and how Ichirou and Kana handle them. The four Golden Times one-shot prequels are incorporated formally as Chapters 1-4 of Nande koko ni sensei ga!? in the Volume 01 Tankobon. The arrangement continuation starts at Chapter 5. Later sections and volumes pursue the connections of new understudy educator couples at a similar school Ichirou and Kana visit.

    Nande koko ni sensei ga!?
  • On an apparently ordinary day, Youta Tada sees somebody peculiar entering the school grounds. All of a sudden this being shows up alongside him and influences him to tumble from the third floor! Yet, before he hits the ground, he awakens in a peculiar world where creatures like winged serpents exist! Youta at that point meets a youthful paladin named Lumi and finds that he is the main man on the whole planet, and furthermore that its occupants are to a great degree powerless to his essence or all the more particularly, his touch. Would this be a heaven?

    Parallel Paradise
  • In this present reality where some of mankind has unique capacities, the individuals who utilize their forces for truth and equity are classified "Saints", and the individuals who use them for malevolence "Secretive". Amidst this, the jobless youth Chiaki, who is dealing with his more youthful kin, is searching for work. At some point, on his way to a prospective employee meet-up, he sees the nearness of a sick person and without reconsidering, bounces in to enable the victim.This to feeling of equity is the thing that drives Chiaki into a fight among great and wickedness, truth and misdirection, and light and murkiness.

    RaW Hero
  • A mysterious syndrome turns schoolgirls into homicidal monsters behind numerous atrocities in Japan. However, nothing is what it seems and when Chika Amagi is arrested for the brutal murder of five people, which starts a journey into uncharted and troubled waters!