Genre - Shoujo

  • "Zettai Renai Program" is a romance shoujo manga around an adolescent young lady named Mariko, who seems to locate a great looking high school kid laying in a heap of trash packs. Turns out that the as far as anyone knows 'high school kid' is indeed an android and since Mariko was the one to wake him up(or rather turn him on) she turns into his special lady, much sadly. A person that is a 100% great... what's more, he's an android?!

    Zettai Renai Program
  • Ichina is a 2nd year high school student. She lives with her mother Youko who she hates with a passion. After getting dumped by her boyfriend she ends up having a one-night stand with her best friend Sekitani who also recently broke up with his long-time girlfriend. Will they become more than friends? And who is the strange guy who is waiting at home with Youko when she gets back?

    Zig Zag Don
  • Judges are the messengers of the Central Government, sent out to punish delinquent cities. They have the ability to control programmed seeds, causing explosive growth. After a disease breaks out among the Children of Babel, those Judges who are given power through Centrals research, Central requires the data of a natural Judge like Sion. However, Central is also interested in the legend of the Heavenly City, which Sion is named after; what could their true purpose be? (From Storm in Heaven)

  • Without notice, when Sakura was In elementary school she was dumped by Kazukage who was eight years her senior. She was extremely shocked because she believed that he would be her future husband! With a change of attitude, while at the high school entrance ceremony she decided that she dreamed of finding a new love, but at that time she met Kazukage again, who has now become a teacher. As usual, she is shocked to realize that she still has feelings for Kazukage. How does Kazukage feel about Sakura‚Ķ?!

    Zutto Suki Datta Kuse ni