Genre - Shoujoai

  • Nonoka enters a new high school and is drafted into the high-end and rather bizarre Student Council by a “cool beauty,” Nozomi. What will this mean for the decidedly average Nonoka? Hijinx and Wackiness, of course!

    Mousou Honey
  • "On the last day of school, Mihane confesses to her senpai the long-term admiration she's had for her ever since they met, as well as tells her that she will try her best to enter Niji no Oka Girls' Academy next year, the school to which her Senpai is going to attend. Now, one year later, she's managed to pass the entrance exam to the prestigious school and is taking the bus to the school. Unfortunately, she takes the wrong bus, but encounters an interesting first-year girl, like her, that is also set to attend Niji no Oka Academy." -Manga Fox

  • We walk as an inseparable unit in the yellow morning daylight and in the orange dusk What superb school days we spend together. Fujino Miyuki and Mizutani Jun are youth companions and adjacent neighbors. This is their short romantic tale in a writing club. Contains the short stories Tear Potion, Katakoi Hime, Magical Chocolate and The Proof of Her Love.

    Orange Yellow
  • Nako is a poverty-stricken 21 year-old in desperate need of a job. She applies for a job at a jewelry store. When shop owner Ren identifies herself as a lesbian, the competition for the position evaporates, leaving only Nako. Ren asks her if her sexual orientation will be a problem, Nako sensibly replies that she's not interested, so she doesn't see any problem. The comic is a a series of 4-koma strips, and range from beating Nako's state of poverty to death (as in the strip where she's about to eat bread crusts for lunch and is mistaken for feeding the birds) and to Ren's privilege and her orientation. But never in a mean way. Nako's not entirely naive, but she's not entirely clueful either, which makes for a nice mix of goofy silly and plain funny.

    Poor Poor Lips
  • Half-dragon, half-human Asagi is sworn to protect the demon-lord Tenran-sama ever since birth. What makes things difficult is that said Tenran-sama turns out to be a boyish-looking blonde who exercises a great deal of time and effort in getting Asagi to sleep with him. Not to mention the number of rivals who are looking to steal Tenran\'s immense powers. (Source: Yaoi Manga Recs)

    Ryuu no Yuigon
  • Yuuki is a university student bored with his ordinary life. One day after returning home after class, he finds a strange chocolate tin in his bag. Inside it is a letter with “I want a friend” written on it by an unknown sender. When he writes a reply as a joke, the next morning another letter is inside it…? Also included is Haru, Hinata no Koi and Koiiro Milky Way.

    Samishigariya no Love Letter
  • This manga is about two best friends - Sumika Murasame and Ushio Kazama. Sumika is constantly and painfully beat over the head with Ushios love of -cute- girls. -Uncute-, athletic and sarcastic Sumika is in love with Ushio, however, the latter oblivious to it no matter what the former does - and outright stating that Sumika is not her type. When they spy a couple of girls in their class realize their feelings and form a club just for girls who like girls, things begin to seem like they are improving...

  • Moa and Miyabi are childhood friends, they also always attended the same schools and in practice they never separated, but these two guys could not be any worse matched: Moa is a chick, while Miyabi is a giant. Moa, has a deep brotherly affection for her dear friend, but also has a dream: to meet the right guy and live a wonderful love story. For its part Miyabi does not seem to think exactly like Moa, or rather, he would like Moa find a guy but... One day, Moa is assigned by the teacher to go at Yamada's house, a guy very shy, frightened by contact with others and for this reason he refuses to come to school. Will Moa change his mind?/A

    Seishun Location
  • Hinata is a student at a prestigious all girls private school and looks up to Tsugeyama Saki, the shining star of the school. As the younger sister of Saori, the head mistress of the school, Saki is the most popular girl at school with her warm personality, beauty, top academic skills and is pretty much the perfect girl. Hinata suddenly learns that her parents got extremely into debt, fled the country and pretty much left her out to dry. The headmistress Saori, out of compassion and seeing Hinata's importance to the school, makes Hinata an offer to become a butler in return for providing room and board for her. Not having much choice, she accepts and is assigned to none other than Saki. Hinata soon finds out that Saki puts on a façade at school and is not the perfect girl everyone thinks she is.

    Shitsuji Shoujo to Ojousama
  • Himoto Sora is a transfer student with a sense of justice and dreams of becoming a knight. Upon arriving at Utopia Gakuen, she learns of a virtual reality-like game played by the male students in which they use girls as weapons in battles for status and treat them as commodities. Seeing one of these girls being abused she steps in and though some sort of error unwittingly becomes the first female participant of the game.